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Meet Mitch Talbot

Just a quick post like I did on Niemann/Longoria after their promotions

Some of the PECOTA comparisons include Bob Wickman, Ricky Stone, Shane Reynolds, Jason Bergman, and Jose Guzman. PECOTA has him at 100 innings with an ERA over 5.2, but that as a starter, not a reliever.

In 2005 Baseball America honored Talbot's changeup as the best in the Astros organization and in 2006 he was dealt along with Ben Zobrist to the Rays for Aubrey Huff. This season Talbot has nearly a 5:1 K:BB ratio, more than double what his ratio was last season in Durham.

Despite throwing right-handed Talbot's OPS against when facing LHB is .555 this minor league season. The 24 year old features five pitches: fastball, change, curve, slider, and cutter, early in his career there were some concerns that he was a hot head, somewhat similar to Matt Garza actually, but those seem to have been quenched since.

The popular sentiment seems to be that Talbot is being showcased, but it seems more plausible to me that Talbot could simply be Jason Hammel or Gary Glover's replacement in the coming week when Al Reyes return. Of course my idea and the real plan could be affected by my like of Talbot.