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Rays Want Relievers


• The Rays, also-rans in the CC Sabathia chase, have scouts looking at relievers, with Ron Mahay and Brian Fuentes among the pitchers they are considering.

First thought: this doesn't speak too well for Trever Miller. Second thought: this actually doesn't speak too well for Gary Glover. Final thought: methinks Jason Hammel isn't going to like his new destination.


08 OPSa v. LHB v. RHB
Mahay 0.539 0.656
Fuentes 0.459 0.687
Miller 0.580 0.755

As for the actual pitchers, both present upgrades this season over Miller when facing either righties or abnormal people. If a lefty is added the Rays would not only have three southpaws in the pen for appearances sake, but three really solid relievers. The last time they could say that was in 2004 with Miller, Bobby Seay, and John Halama.