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Slumping Needs Busting

So here's the thing, nothing that is happening has to do with regressing. The defense is still second in defensive efficency -- amazing considering Bartlett is out and Gomes has played more lately -- the pitchers, outside of Glover, are doing as expected, but the hitters are simply hitting a bump in the road these last five games.

Stretch R/PG
Last 5 1.4
Prev 5 6.8

The best part about the slump is that the Rays have went through a few similar offensive stretches this season without too much fanfare and went back to being fine after a handful of games.


Stretch R/PG W
April 6-9 1.75 1
May 20-23 2 2
May 29-June 5 2.14 3

So things haven't been this bad quite yet, but there should be no long term fear here, things will almost certainly get better within the next two days, and before you slice a jugular or two remember this: the mighty Red Sox had a five game streak earlier this season where they scored 0.6 runs per game.