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First Half of the Schedule Ends

55-39 depending on what Boston does either a half of a game ahead or behind with 68 games remaining. The Rays don't have a game until Friday night with Toronto heading into town, but frankly it's hard to be disappointed with the overall picture. For an idea of just how far this team has come the team didn't have its 55th win last season until August 31st. The Rays would have to lose their next 41 games to match the 55-80 record, which is so obviously going to happen.

Actually, let's stay realistic, which in this case means the team is still in the playoff picture and still mathematically on pace for over 90 wins. Happy, realistic thoughts produce images of chinchillas, like this one:



Aww...he so cute!

The absence of games for a few days also gives general managers across the league a chance to spend even more time discussing and negotiating transactions. While that guarantees nothing, the Rays could very well add a player(s) before they play their next game.

Despite the half-week off I won't be holding back on content, namely because I love this team too much to spend more than a day or two away from writing about them. So tomorrow and Wednesday we will have content as well as open threads for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.