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Price Watch

Just like yesterday how about we examine the performance of one David Price to other great young hurlers and their first season of at least six or more starts in the minors. I decided to include a few Rays high school arms as a close comparison and a few really good college arms for more direct comparisons.

Price 6.1 0.97 0.28 3.47
Kazmir 4.4 1.33 0.4 3.29
Shields 6.5 0.87 0.15 5.7
Hellickson 5.6 1.23 0.2 6
Lincecum 4 1.81 0.38 4.8
Miller 6 0.78 0.32 2.44
Prior 5.7 1.55 0.35 4.39

Frankly I hadn't noticed that Price stacked up quite this well. Yes, the K rate is a little weak, but his low walk rate goes a long way in soothing that and I'm hopeful it rebounds as he adapts to the AA lifestyle. One thing to be really encouraged about: as of now he's allowed the same amount of homeruns against that you and I have this season.