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More Fuentes

Via MLBTr comes this from Tracy Ringolsby:

Tampa Bay's interest in left-handed reliever Brian Fuentes picked up in light of Rays closer Troy Percival returning to the disabled list after aggravating the left hamstring that originally forced him to the disabled list.

The Rays are looking for a left-hander to work late innings and to provide late-inning protection for Percival in their bid to claim a postseason bid for the first time. Al Reyes, Tampa Bay's other experienced closer, has been out since June 9 with left elbow tendinitis.

Just yesterday this came up:

ESPN’s Peter Gammons weighs in on the market for Indians ace LHP C.C. Sabathia, writing that: “Tampa Bay has lurked, but Rays people say there’s no way they can sign him after the season, and their focus is on a right-handed bat with (Pittsburgh’s Xavier Nady) and (the Cubs’ Matt) Murton on their radar.’

So, essentially the same names we've debated on here since spring training, but it's interesting to see how this will work out in the next 29 days. Also do remember the Rays were in talks with the Rockies about Jeff Baker last trade deadline, not sure if that could factor in whatsoever.