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The Spotlight Burns

The fine folk at Baseball Prospectus have not changed their logo to this:


But it may as well be Rays day at BP. I covered the Nate Silver article last post, but since two more have been added. Joe Sheehan on the Rays defense and John Perrotto talking about the change attitude, including this quote:

"The great thing about it is that the people in the Tampa Bay area are really starting to get into this team," Rays right fielder Eric Hinske said. "When we go out to restaurants and other public places people are starting to notice us. I know that’s never happened before and it’s nice. This franchise has gone through some tough times, and it’s nice to see things changing."

We saw about that aspect not too long ago around these parts. For now "it's nice", but wait until ESPN starts sending their cameras down here for each game and spends a segment or two on you each episode of Sportscenter or Baseball Tonight, then will it be as nice? Absolutely.