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Alternate History Revisited?

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From MLBTR, apparently the Braves might be calling on behalf of Mark Teixeira, per CBS Sportsline:

Atlanta officials insist that no decision has yet been made, and that as of yet they haven't offered Teixeira to anyone. They say that their inclination is to go for it, but they also admit that they've been making lists of possible Teixeira trading partners.

Boston is on the list, and so are the Angels and Rays. The Braves still think Arizona could become involved, too -- if they put Teixeira on the market.

If you'll remember back to that faithful 2001 draft where the Rays were choosing third the team was forced to take Dewon Brazelton after missing out on a top two pick thanks to a canceled game (thanks hurricane season!). Teixeira's agent Scott Boras advised the Minnesota Twins and the Rays alike to not select his client or otherwise face wasting a pick. Teixeira now sits a few months from free agency in which he'll almost certainly poach a contract nearly tripling Carlos Pena's 24 million dollar deal from a team in New York or someone like Seattle.

Without stating the issues in trading and re-signing prices Teixeira is a very good ballplayer, but honestly there is no way this makes sense for the Rays unless the Braves are simply dumping him, and honestly why should they?