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Rays Connected to Sherrill

Per Dan Graziano the Rays, amongst others, have interest in Orioles reliever George Sherrill.(Hat tip to MLBTR):

Talk about a turnaround. This wasn't even the top guy Baltimore got in the Erik Bedard trade, but here he is, atop the wish lists of several teams looking for left-handed relief help. Teams connected to Sherrill include the Cardinals, Rays, Marlins, Red Sox and others. The Mets would love to be in the sweepstakes, but they fear the price will be too high. The Yankees would love it too, but they don't think Baltimore will deal him within the division. It seems likely that he'll be moved, since somebody will probably come up with a blow-away offer. If that happens, that Bedard trade is the gift that keeps on giving

I bolded what I felt was the most important part. In the past the Orioles have avoided dealing to other teams in the American League East (exception: Javy Lopez to the Red Sox for Adam Stern) and the chances the Rays overpay for Sherrill is highly doubtful. Sherrill himself is an okay reliever but has flyball tendencies and gives up more than a homerun per nine, which all but explains the difference between his FIP (3.94) and his xFIP (4.46); xFIP normalizes the homerun rate and applies it to the flyball percentage. Sherrill also walking 4.9 per nine and striking out less than last year at 9.4.

Sherrill is almost certainly being miscast as a closer instead of a lefty specialist. A .518 OPS against left-handers for his career suggests he fits the role that the Seattle Mariners had him in previously very well. I suppose it's just Andy MacPhail and company hoping to build season long interest in Sherrill, otherwise it doesn't make sense to not simply use the closer by committee idea that people fear.