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Topkin on Trades

From Topkin's Sunday St. Pete Times column:

They have considered alternate ways to improve the offense, and among the more intriguing names they've kicked around is Braves 1B Mark Teixeira, though he or Carlos Pena would have to DH. Another who could come up is the Rangers' Milton Bradley.

They will also consider trying the outfielders they have, such as promoting Justin Ruggiano from Triple-A Durham and waiting for Rocco Baldelli, who continues to make progress in his rehab at Double-A Montgomery.

I would be pleasantly surprised with Ruggiano finally getting a shot. As for Teixeira I imagine the conversations went like this:

Friedman: "Hi Frank, this is Andrew Friedman."

Wren: "Hey Andrew, what can I do for you?"

Friedman: "I see you guys might be dealing Teixeira..."

Wren: "Indeed, hey, we have Ohman too, you guys could use him."

Friedman: "I suppose, so let's say if we were to talk about both who woul.."

Wren: "Price."

Friedman: "What would it be?"

Wren: "Price."

Friedman: "We're not going to move him Frank, Teixeira is a free agent as season's end anyhow. What about a few of our other arms like Je..."

Wren: "Price."

Friedman: "He's not ava.."

Wren: "Price."

Friedman: "...."

Wren: "..."

Wren: "So should I send over the paperwork?"

Wren: "Hello?"