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A New Name to Ponder

The always dependable John Perrotto at Baseball Prospectus gives us this heaping of names in his AL rumblings:

The Rays are in the market for help at multiple positions, and are eyeing Fuentes, Street, and Giants right-handed reliever Tyler Walker, along with Dodgers second baseman Jeff Kent, Rockies infielder Clint Barmes, and Athletics outfielder Matt Murton.

We've discussed Fuentes, Street, Walker, Murton, and a bit on Barmes, but Jeff Kent is a new one. First thought: can he hit lefties? .795 OPS this year, .857 career. Where would he play? DH perhaps? Why would the Dodgers trade him? To give Andy LaRoche a slot perhaps? It couldn't take too much to acquire Kent unless Ned Colletti overvalues his own veterans like he does other team's veterans. Kent is a free agent at the end of the season, but he's also into his fifth (if only he were 30) decade on this planet.