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Misc. Notes/Open Thread

Potpourri of Acquisitions

For all the talk about how this team is built "through the draft" let's examine the breakdown on the 25 (plus a few disabled players) man roster:

Drafted by the Rays - Wheeler, Sonnanstine, Shields, Hammel, Longoria, Gomes, Riggans, Upton, Crawford.

Traded for - Garza, Kazmir, Bartlett, Navarro, Aybar, Gross, Balfour, Howell, Talbot, Wheeler

Free agent - Iwamura, Reyes, Percival, Floyd, Hinske, Pena, Miller, Glover.

Draft Notes

- The Rays are apparently going to "go hard" after Ryan Carpenter.

- 41st round pick Brett Parsons is transferring to Texas A&M and will not be signing with the Rays.

- Same with 49th round pick Kash Kalowski.

Rays All Stars

Dioner Navarro and Evan Longoria are the most deserving, both placing second in AL EqA for their respective positions and only behind Joe Mauer and Alex Rodriguez at that. B.J. Upton is behind Josh Hamilton and Grady Sizemore, and somewhat oddly the man who started over the -- at the time -- injured Upton, Placido Polanco, is actually behind Akinori Iwamura. Scott Kazmir, Dan Wheeler, and J.P. Howell should get consideration, but I'd only expect Kazmir to go, if any of the Rays pitchers.

Some Rumors Aren't Worthy of Posting

Geoff Baker threw the Rays name in as a team that could be interested in one of the Mariners relief arms, he names Arthur Rhodes and Roy Corcoran, but also hints that Mark Lowe and Sean Green could be available. Rhodes brings nothing that Miller doesn't top, Corcoran is not good at all, Lowe throws upper 90's but very well could do so blindfolded (nearly 5 BB/9), and Green is big righty who isn't having a bad season, but the Rays have better arms in their hands in AAA.

Flamethrowers Inc.

For those wondering the hardest thrower on the Rays staff is Grant Balfour who sits at an average of 94.1, tied with Billy Wagner and ironically enough Seth McClung. Edwin Jackson and Matt Garza are the hardest throwing starters for the Rays and rank inside of hte top 20 (as two other pair of teammates do) with Jackson at 93.7 and Garza at 93.3. For those wondering, Sonnanstine's average is just shy of 87.


That's pretty much it from me unless something breaks. In all likelihood there will be something posted tomorrow besides the gameday thread, but don't expect anything ground breaking. Otherwise consider this an open thread like last week.