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More Trade Notes

You would think this would get tiring, but not really. From Jayson Stark:

Scouting bureau: One scout's review of Rays third baseman Evan Longoria: "It took Carl Crawford five years to get the feel for the game this guy got in five minutes."

There are far too many things to mock from this quote, so I'll just move on to the stuff people care about.

But Fuentes is so versatile, he might be the only reliever on the market who could be a closer, eighth-inning set-up man or situational left-hander. So he will get moved. The price tag, according to one club: "One good piece."

The Rockies seem to always have a need in center, I don't think Desmond Jennings would be necessary, perhaps Fernando Perez and a pitching prospect?

One team that seems especially interested in Bay is Tampa Bay.

Unrelated somewhat, but doesn't the Jeff Niemann "snub" all but signal that he's going to get traded in one of these deals?