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Fuentes to the Rays Might be a Near Reality

Troy Renck reports:

Both teams have a need and interest in acquiring the reliever. But Tampa Bay is preparing to make the most aggressive play for the Rockies' closer, according to a major-league source. The Rays had a scout at Coors Field again Saturday. Opposing executives who have spoken with Tampa Bay say the Rays are determined to bolster their bullpen in an attempt to create separation between them and the Red Sox.

The Rockies are eyeing one quality player in return for Fuentes, and have liked Tampa Bay Double-A starters Wade Davis and Jeremy Hellickson in the past.

I really can't see it costing Davis or Hellickson in return, but I suppose we could see within the week. Fuentes ERA is unlucky, per BERA and PECOTA doesn't have him falling off until age 38 or so, even if he becomes a LOOGY only at that point.


Coming soon?