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Even More Trade Notes

Let's use this as a dual thread, one part to post a new rumor and the other part to make predictions, eh?

First the rumor:

  • The Indians aren’t working on just one front, because there’s some rumor that Tampa Bay has interest in Casey Blake. I’m not sure how much sense this one makes, since Blake would be taking over the role held by Eric Hinske now. The difference? Blake’s a right-handed bat. I don’t see the Rays making a major deal, and certainly not something as crazy as Brian Fuentes for one of their top pitching prospects such as Wade Davis or Jeremy Hellickson.

Next the predictions, here's how this is going to go, you can guess up to three trades the Rays are going to make. You get a point for...

- Guessing the right player(s) either being traded for or to -- including Rays players/prospects.

- Guessing the right team/general manager the Rays deal with.

Rank the three moves on a "confidence" scale (1-3) with that acting a as a multiplier. So if your number 3 (most confident) move gains you two points, you actually get six, and so on. There aren't any negative points because, well, this isn't a hockey blog -- yet.