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Recap: Tying the Franchise Win Record.



Roughly 4 hours and 40 minutes later, we have win number 70. Pretty much against all odds as a matter of fact:

  • Garza pitched below average at best
  • Offense didn't get going until the 6th inning
  • Wheeler regressing at a most painful time.

We won the game how we win most of our games. Bullpen, Defense, and timely hitting. Chad Bradford was good in his first game as a ray, despite getting himself in a bases loaded jam, he served up the DP ball we needed and got the game saving outs. B.J. Upton and Carl Crawford both got key hits which combined help our chances of winning 46%, and if CC starts having professional ABs again and Beej keeps racking up XBH, the more potent our lineup gets.

I'll end on this note: Ben Zobrist will be on the team in some capacity next year. Decent Bat + Decent Glove + Ability to play 3-5 positions = Utility Man of Maddon's dreams.