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Rocco: Back in time to help break the wins record.

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To anyone who thought that we would slump into our 71st win, guess not. Without Carl, Bartlett, or Longo, we put a beatdown on the stink trench that is the Mariners pen. Willy Aybar hit 2 HRs and showed why he can be an effective 23th man as a CI. Edwin Jackson only let up 1 ER despite having a 1:1 K:BB ratio, helped by forcing a good amount of groundballs. 

     If Rocco Baldelli can put together a .270/.350/.450 line while playing 80% of vintage Rocco defense a few games a week, he's going to be a very good piece for us down the stretch. Only playing 5 Innings today, we'll see how many innings on the field he'll play the rest of the week. But the loss of Crawford is much less of a gutpunch with the additional of The Former Castaway(Patented Nickname).

Some more random musings:

  • Shawn Riggans has to be a top 7 Backup Catcher.
  • Jason Hammel is on the clock.
  • Hinske in LF was much less painful than I'd thought it would be.
  • Gross = Designated Rocco Replacement?
  • Jeff Clement = Terrible Defensive Catcher or Terrible Defensive Catcher?
  • Instant Replay in the playoffs please.