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The Truth About B.J. Upton Part 2

I wish I could say I didn't think I would have to do a part two but I guess that's assuming too much. I do want to thank Bobby Fenton for being one of the more logical people when talking about Upton. Listen to Bobby on 1010 from 9-12, and he's been pinch hitting on Sporting News radio lately.

B.J. Upton is selfish because he wants to go year by year with his contracts.
Okay, and so are Tim Lincecum, Cole Hamels, and Felix Hernandez.

B.J. Upton never looks at the third base coach for signs.
Yeah, no.

B.J. Upton tries to make the game about himself when he strikes out.
Yes, God forbid he show disappointment in himself, otherwise he would be labeled as a guy who doesn't care if he does bad. Ben Grieve tried the silent worker thing and he's forever became a pariah.

B.J. Upton is jealous of Evan Longoria's contract.
Why would he be when it's likely he's gotten similar offers from the Rays? B.J. Upton also received a 4.6 million signing bonus paid over five years since 2002 and is making nearly a half of a million this season. Longoria got a three million dollar signing bonus and is making a half a million this year. Upton has been in the majors a year longer than Longoria. Unless there's some seedy stuff going on Upton has made more money in his professional career than Longoria.

B.J. Upton is Mike Cameron.
But I thought Upton was bad on defense? This comparison makes no sense beyond both being range blessed black outfielders. Cameron's career high for walks in a season is 80, Upton has 80 in 112 games this season. I suppose the caveat is that Cameron has played for six teams in 14 seasons, but even then let's take a realistic look at his moves:
- Drafted by White Sox in 1991.
- Traded to the Reds for Paul Konerko in 1998.
- Traded to the Mariners (with others) for Ken Griffey Jr. in 2000.
- 2003 signed as a free agent with the Mets
- 2005 traded to the Padres for Xavier Nady
- 2008 signed with the Brewers.

B.J. Upton is selfish for unsuccessfully stealing third base a lot.
Now you could say the tactic of stealing third is a risky and a bit careless, but obviously Joe Maddon wants Upton to run. Yes Upton leads the league in caught stealing by three over Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, and Ryan Theriot, but he also has eight more stolen bases than Ramirez, one less than Reyes, and 19 more than Theriot. The general sabermetrics rule of thumb is the stolen base threat is worth it, as long as you can be successful 75% of the time, Upton is not, but he's actually got a better SB% than Ramirez, Theriot and even speedster Carlos Gomez.

B.J. Upton needs to be more like Carl Crawford.
I don't particularly get this one. Crawford has complained out lout more than Upton, and by out loud I mean into the press. I suppose that would be better for those who would gain from his sound bytes.



The Truth About B.J. Upton