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Posnanski on the Rays

Maybe the best sportswriter in America on our little team:


I think about that Mets team because although I wasn’t especially baseball aware at the time — being two years old and not having ESPN yet — I’ve got to believe the conventional sportswriting wisdom was that there was no way the Mets could win. They couldn’t hit, they had all that young pitching, the Cubs had so many established great players and so on.

That’s precisely the general vibe I get when it comes to the Rays … I think most people still expect them to fold. They’re young, they’re beat up, the Red Sox have so much talent and experience, the Yankees are the Yankees and so on. But, I don’t know. The Rays have that talented young pitching (and when do they try to change the whole landscape of this pennant race by bringing David Price into the picture?). I’ve been on the Rays since the start. I’m still on them. I think they win it.

Yes, I know the comparisons have been thrown out there before, but it's Posnanski for crying out loud.