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Recap: 72 reasons to be happy



Carlos Pena - 1

ESPN's Over exaggerations - 0

I cannot put into words how glad I am we won this game. I figured Sonny Vs. Oakland Sonny would be a loss, and that'd we settle for a Series loss. But C-Pain, Hinske and the suddenly Good hitter Ben Zobrist delivered the big hits when we needed him, and Sonnanstine took advantage of a Pitcher friendly park for a key victory. Balfour pitched well, Wheeler pitched well, and Percy....At least Navi threw that runner out! I think games like this prove that we don't need big offense to hold on to the division, we just need solid pitching and role players to stand up. Guys like Ben Zobrist and Eric Hinske are huge for us at this juncture, and barring any fuirther pitching meltdowns(please kazmir, do better).


Also, some Random Observations:


  • Carlos Pena getting hot would be much appreciated,
  • Where does Sonny go next year? I'm starting to think we'll trade high on him before putting him in the pen.
  • A's Lineup  = Worst in the league when Cust/Thomas aren't hitting?
  • Balfour 7th, Wheels 8th?
  • Hinske has a cannon apparently.