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Recap: Percival is Fragile



Carlos Pena = Clutch

James Shields pitched a lackluster start to the tune of an Un-James Shields like 5 walks, while striking out 3. Chad Bradford is proving to be a great pickup as he'll be a bridge to the 7th-8th inning for our starter. Jason Hammel has pitched his 2nd good outing in his last 3, and Grant Balfour, despite a hit, was Grant Balfour.

The death of our offense was greatly exaggerated, BJ, Carlos, Aki, and the Suddenly Patient Floyd give our offense High-OBP guys. Give Navi's consistent Base Hitting and the megaplatoon of Hinske-Gross-Rocco-Ruggs an you have an O that can win games with the pitching behind them.


Random Thoughts:

  • The Battle to be Called up is Dohmann or Salas, Not Price. Price would likely not be able to pitch for 3-4 days going into a Rangers series with a taxed bullpen.
  • Beej Pulling the Ball = Good Sign
  • Funkier Delivery - Ziegler or Bradford?
  • Ump's Zone = Terrible
  • Winning Two Straight Road Series = Great