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Draft Pick Signing Open Thread

Lobstein has signed, yay!

Discuss what you please, but also read this piece by MGL.

And while you're waiting on some picks to sign read this interview about Tim Beckham:

BA: You talked about Tim making strides and being coachable, which is something we heard about him as an amateur player as well. What are some of the ways that he has evolved since signing?

JS: Well, I think No. 1, defensively he's much more under control—he's much smoother. He's allowing himself to make the plays that he was capable of making, but just because of his mechanics and things like that made it tough for him. He's got tremendous athleticism and now that he's cleaned up a lot of stuff—his glove presentation, from his exchange, putting his arm slot in a more consistent arm slot, a shorter arm slot, has helped him evolve. If we had video on him—well, we do—but I mean if you and I right now had a video of the first time we hit him groundballs to now, you would see an extremely different player.