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Make no mistake about it, when Garza is on he is the most dominant pitcher on our staff. 9 IP, 2 H, 0ER, 10K, 1BB. This trade is looking better and better every day. If in a few years Garza attacking the zone like this every day, I would choose him over any other pitcher in our org besides David Price. He's that good. Tonight he just threw Fastballs and change-ups until he got to 2 strikes and then just unleashed his filthy slider and curve.

Tonight the O did their job by ripping open an inferior SP and bullpen. Hinske, Aybar, Gross, and Pena all homered.  Aybar's been hotter than a stove lately in the wake of Longo's abscence, which is much appreciated. He doesn't play bad D either, so if he can keep this up he may not be as much of a drop off as originally thought. Cliff Floyd has also been freakishly hot lately, now with an OPS over .800.


Random Musings:

  • Justin Ruggiano is the sickest man in America.
  • Shawn Riggans, please give navi tips on catching Garza.
  • Barty's back!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pena's still freakishly hot.
  • Winning Roadtrips = Fun.