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This Needs to End

B.J. apparently won't play tomorrow, because, hey, we don't need good players on the field as it is, right? Here are the money quotes:

For his part, Upton said he thought there were two outs on the play in question, but “obviously, I was wrong.”

So, when mental errors happen with Willy Aybar it's fine, but with B.J.Upton? No sir.

(Does he need to run everything out from now on, regardless of the situation?)
“I’m going to have to, or he’s going to keep doing it and making me the example. I guess I can’t let him make me the example anymore.”

(Does he feel he’s being singled out by Maddon?)
“No. I guess I’m the only one not running them out, so…you can’t be singled out when you’re the only one not doing it.”

Good. Now please do not give Maddon another reason to try and make a statement, please? We need Upton to play and really that's all that needs to be said about this, he's not Delmon, he's not saying he's being ambushed, he's taking responsibility and that's a positive. I sincerely hope Maddon reconsiders his position regarding Upton playing tomorrow night for the team's sake.