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For those wondering here are the (really unscientifc) results of tonight's home to first sprints:


AB #1 AB #2 AB #3
Aki NA 4.2 NA
Zobrist 4.5 NA NA
Pena 4.6 NA NA
Rocco NA NA NA
Aybar 6* NA NA
Ruggiano NA 4.8 4.7
Riggans NA 5.1 NA
Gross 4.7 NA NA
Bartlett NA NA 4.7

4.3 is the average time for righties to first and 4.2 is the average time for lefties to first. I cannot guarantee these times with great accuracy, but when two people are  getting essentially the same time on every run on multiple tries I think it's worth posting. One note on Aybar's first at-bat: he absolutely dogged it. The ball was in flight to left field and I'm not sure he made it halfway down the line at his pace.

Oh and there was some questions regarding whether Riggans second at-bat should count; it was a comebacker to the mound that someone (kecir, I think) argued shouldn't be listed because he was hustling until the throw was made. Another user asked why it didn't count and well, I included it anyways.

Unless our hand-eye coordination is truly awful, these shouldn't be that far off, and with the exception of Aki nobody seemed all too interested in busting it down the line, especially not Ruggiano.