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Incredible Week Ahead

Without doing too much research I would have to say this is perhaps the most difficult week the Rays will see thus far. After a Monday through Wednesday series with the Angels, then an off day on Thursday, we'll see the Rays head to Chicago to face the White Sox. In simpler terms: the Rays will be facing the other two division leaders within one week with one series coming on the road.

Andrew Sonnanstine (3.81 tRA) v. Jon Garland (5.38 tRA)
James Shields (3.95 tRA) v. Ervin Santana (3.55 tRA)
Matt Garza (4.26 tRA) v. Jered Weaver (4.75 tRA)

Edwin Jackson (5.51 tRA) v. John Danks (3.52 tRA)
Scott Kazmir (3.85 tRA) v. Javier Vazquez (3.88 tRA)
Andrew Sonnanstine (3.81 tRA) v. Mark Buehrle (4.09 tRA)

On paper we have the pitching advantage in four of the six games. I think a four win week would be beyond excellent, but I would settle for a split.