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Recap: That was not fun.



 BJ Upton had a very nice return, flashing some opposite field power and a nice double. Pena went deep with a 3 run bomb and is still as hot as anyone in the league right now. Gabe Gross is still getting key hits, which is always encouraging now that he'll get more playing time. Bartlett's been pretty good in the 2nd half so far, hitting a very good .315/.363/.463. Will he able to keep this up? Probably not, but its nice to see him warm up off of a very bad 1st half.

Scot Kazmir had a very encouraging start, besides the 2nd and 5th innings, he was vintage Kazmir. Striking guys out and going 6(!) innings! The walks were still there, but his control overall was better. Juice looks like a decent pen piece for the 6th/7th inning or when we are behind. Won't lose any games but isn't as good as a Balfour or a Wheeler or Howell. I refuse to comment on the last inning.

Random Musings:

  • Josh Hamilton is not Barry Bonds, you do not IBB him there.
  • Ruggs is the new Gross, late inning replacement.
  • Bring your dog night is an awful promotion,
  • Chad Bradford is good.
  • 7-3 Roadtrip! WOOOOOOOO