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Recap: ROCCO!!!!!!!!



I intend to express this game in a haiku:

Edwin Gets Off  Free

Rocco  hits a homer, yay

The Sox Bullpen Sucks.


Random Musings:

  • Edwin Jackson's new nickname is Houdini.
  • Rocco Baldelli is back, baby.
  • Grant Balfour's fastball is best used in this relief ace role we've got him in.
  • Ben Zobrist is flashing his pop once again(Sidenote: Feel free to debate in the comments how many homers he'd hit in 600 PAs.)
  • J.P. Howell, is fine, besides that one mistake.
  • Jason Hammel's Curve is DEVASTATING, but lets not go too far with his talents.
  • White Sox show why they NEED to hit so many homers. Bad Bullpen(Besides Jenks) + Hilarious Defense = Fun.