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Percival's problems have become persistent, but perhaps it's just as well that they're part of the landscape as the team considers its options for the postseason roster. Salas has had his own issues to deal with, starting out with visa problems and the elbow trouble that kept him from getting in gear until almost two months into the season. He's been outstanding for the Bulls, however, allowing just 45 baserunners in 44 2/3 IP while striking out 53, and only two homers despite pronounced fly-ball tendencies. He's virtually Balfouresque when it comes to right-handers, having limited them to hitting just .160/.217/.173 in the International League, proof positive that his moving mid-90s heat is still as nasty as ever; he hasn't been too shabby against lefties for that matter (.238/.297/.321), but the still-development nature of his off-speed stuff suggests that Joe Maddon will have to pick his spots for the converted infielder.

I don't recall hearing about Salas having elbow trouble, but per Christina Kahrl he apparently did. Also since when do the Rays have relievers worthy of being used as measures for good things? Stokesian relievers were a thing of hte past, now we have Balfouresque? I suppose it's better than death by a thousand paper cuts -- Danys Baez old motto.