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Riggans in LF

I won't go on a rant about how Al Reyes and Evan Longoria are selfish bastards for keeping those outs to themselves instead of letting a ball go to Shawn Riggans playing left for the first time in his career but instead share the note that this was the first time since 2006 a Rays catcher played out of position. Toby Hall played third base in 2006 for an inning against the New York Yankees following a pinch hit situation. Just for kicks take a look at the players used that day:

Gathright CF
Crawford LF
Gomes DH
Wigginton 3B
Hall C
Hollins RF
Norton 1B
Lee 1B
Green 2B
Burroughs PH
Paul C
Perez SS


We've came quite a ways...


Correction: Josh Paul played in left field a few weeks later. (Hat tip Tommy Rancel)