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I Got Nothing

We'll know by 2 P.M. whether Brian GIles will join the Red Sox (and a feline with his namesake) in the northeast. He won't, see the comments. . Ken Rosenthal suggests this claim was purely to block the Rays.

The move was apparently designed as a block to prevent the Tampa Bay Rays from claiming Giles, sources say.

Giles would've been nice as a DH and occasional outfielder. More potential bad news from the Red Sox, apparently they may be targeting John McDonald off of waivers:

One possibility might be former Providence College standout John McDonald. McDonald is hitting just .185 for the Toronto Blue Jays, but is one of the better defensive infielders in the game.

If you've read this site since last season you know how creepily obsessed and how much I like McDonald's glove. His bat isn't about to win him any fans, but man, he's glovely.