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If Sonnanstine Were More of a Man, He Probably Wouldn't Be a Man

SRQMan informed of this page, which answers the age old question: what does (insert player) come up to? There is "Low" for Willy Aybar, "Walk" for Eric Hinske, "Put On" for Cliff Floyd, and then the big one, "Superstar" for Andrew Sonnanstine. If you've read the site for any length of time you know I am a fan of the 'Tine and Lupe Fiasco so you can imagine that Lupe + Sonnanstine  = happy.

Also Bendix just emailed me this:

Dave (Tampa): Hey Joe, Do you think the Rays front office made a rookie mistake by not picking up a RH power bat at the deadline? Lefties are killing us.

SportsNation Joe Morgan: Definitely, but it's more of a calculated mistake than a risk. It just hasn't worked out. Even picking up another veteran RH presence would help. I think they don't have enough veteran presence--a guy like Cliff Floyd adds some presence, but they need another guy like him.

I agree 100%, we really do need more veteran presence. Don't worry about whether his bat has power or not as long as the player is older than the wood it is made of.