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In Case You Needed to be Reminded

Evan Longoria: Tomas Perez :: Bobby Fenton: Ron & Ian.

Read this post on the main boards for some comedy, essentially this exchange:

I'm listening to Ron and Ian right now...and Ron is talking about last night's game...and Ian comes out and says...'Well I didn't watch the game and had to read about it in the paper...'

Then in the next breath he states that "you" need to get out and support the team when they return home.

Do as I say, not as I do apparently. I'm not a radio analyst at all, but some advice to 620: dump these two and find someone half as good as Fenton. This also serves as some friendly advice to all of you, don't try listening to Ron and Ian, instead just flip your dial (or whatever you kids do nowadays) to 1010 and listen to Fenton instead.

Also some site notes:

- That prospects post is going to be delayed until either the next off-day or the off-season. Same with rosterbation posts, although by all means feel free to create your own.

- MVP voting post coming up tomorrow morning, if you have any suggestions or desired topics that you want me to cover over the next few weeks please mention or email them to me.