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Meet David Price

There's not much I can tell you that you don't all ready know, but I'm going to try anyways. First his numbers:

Vero 9.61 K/9, 1.82 BB/9, 0.00 HR/9, 1.67 FIP, 22.6 LD%, 48.4 GB%, .308 BABIP
Mont 8.68 K/9, 2.53 BB/9, 1.11 HR/9, 3.92 FIP, 12.6 LD%, 57.0 GB%, .246 BABIP
Durh 8.50 K/9, 4.50 BB/9, 0.00 HR/9, 2.81 FIP, 22.4 LD%, 51.7 GB%, .393 BABIP

The encouraging thing is the strikeouts ratio carrying over although Durham's numbers are regular season only, so it's less than 20 innings of sample size. Price is/was a groundball pitcher (YES!) who seems to have good enough control and stuff to post K/BB rates of 3+ as soon as next year (YES!) while limiting homeruns (YES!). Here is minor league splits MLE for Price this season (cumulative stats):

MLE 6.39 K/9, 2.59 BB/9, 0.89 HR/9, 4.15 FIP, 17.5 LD%, 53.3 GB%, .288 BABIP

That compares quite nicely to the season being produced by Pirates ace Paul Maholm, who ranks 60th of 126 pitchers in tRA. The difference? Maholm gives up more than a homerun per nine and he's starting, Price will figure to do some relief work until need dictates otherwise.


Photo by SRQMan