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GDT Expectations

After the little incident tonight I think it's smart to outline what our GDT rules are.

1. Cursing is allowed. 

2. Images are allowed, however in the past we've requested the images are void of nudity and gore. The problem with saying no suggestive images is this: what is a suggestive image? There are some that fall into black and white categories, but others that are far more in the middle which become judgment calls. I do not like judgment calls.

3. .Gifs and .jpegs are like pizza. Sometimes less is more. This also goes for memes yet we all go over the top.

4. We cannot mind read. Expecting us to hide questionable content before it is posted is unfair to the admins and mods. Which leads into...

5. Trust. The staff trusts you guys to keep it at a reasonable level, you can trust that we will hide and punish those who go a little too far. Even Patrick's family. Threatening to go over our heads before discussing it with us, and using our age as a reason is both lazy and unproductive.

6. GDTs aren't completely without rules, but they usually run 1,000+ comments. You nor I want to read through that many to make sure everyone avoided breaking a rule. If you want that, then the site content will slip, and that's not something I'm willing to do.

7. Moderators. Usually at least one admin will be present in the threads to ensure things don't go unchecked for too long. However if we must we will institute a few moderators for the GDTs and other threads. These people will be a combination of staff and reader choices who are amongst the wiser on site. RATW and Vin, for instance, are two who I would personally consider good for those positions.

8. Fun. That is the point of the gameday threads. That along with having a place for game conversation. A ton of off-topic and community bonding occur in these threads. Everyone has a different sense of humor, so what is funny to me might not be funny to you. That goes for what is appropriate as well. My definition isn't the correct one and neither is yours, however we're willing to compromise.

9. Emotion is also allowed. Some rather...odd things are said. They are usually intended for humor, but sometimes things do get serious in the heat of the moment.

10. Community is what this site is built off of (as well as statistics and smart baseball, obviously)  so we need your input as well.