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J.P. and the Durham Bulls

Nobody wants a recap. I'm going elsewhere with this space.

Ph_448605_mediumI enjoy bathing in Evian far more than sewer water.

Ph_434442_mediumDude I dunno where Durham is or who you are but what.

Ph_448605_mediumWe played together at Durham last year. Remember?


Ph_430681_mediumThe new guy scares me. Not many things scare me. He scares me.

Furby_mediumThe dream then left him, and he thought of things that were, surely not to be accomplished.

Ph_434442_mediumWait dudes wait wait what is this

Ph_448605_mediumNando's Furby.


Ph_434442_mediumNo dudes I mean the Funions are gone and you cannot have fun without Funions.

Furby_mediumThe goddess Dawn now wended her way to vast Olympus that she might herald day to Jove and to the other immortals

Furby_medium and Agamemnon sent the criers round to call the people in assembly

Furby_medium so they called them and the people gathered thereon

Furby_mediumBut first he summoned a meeting of the elders at the ship of Nestor king of Pylos


Ph_434442_mediumYou get me man.