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Reviewing Edwin Jackson

Do this more Edwin. Seven innings, five strikeouts, one walk, zero homeruns allowed, 68.4% strikes, and 12 swinging strikes. The only bad thing about tonight appears to be his groundball/flyball ratio (7:10) otherwise, this was the perfect start. Let's take a look at it.

First up our standard velocity chart, simply to see how Jackson's velocity stood up over the course of the start.


Jackson can light up the radar gun throughout a start, even nearing the end of his night he was blistering, touching 97.

Next up is the horizontal movement on Edwin's pitches. It's interesting to note that tonight Edwin's fastball broke in to righties less by about two inches. Remember that negative values in this category mean the pitch broke to the catcher's left, or inside to righties.


However Edwin's slider had more movement "up" and away from righties as we can see below, this time negative values mean the ball breaks down more so than a ball thrown without spin.


Interestingly Edwin only threw two changes. You should be able to identify what pitch types are what here on each chart, but the two change-ups really stick out. Outside of a fastball dominant start there's zero to complain about. We needed a nice outing and Edwin delivered. He also tipped his cap to the standing crowd. I've said a lot of bad things about his performances, most of it deserved only but only about his performances.

Edwin is a good person and I truly do hope he finds success, whether that comes here or elsewhere is beyond my control.