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Scott Kazmir v. Minnesota

I'm not sure if I want to do this following every start or just on select games but it's been a while since we looked at Kazmir, so why not?

First up the horizontal break chart:


On just about every player's chart you will be able to identify which pitches are which. That leaves little room for commentary outside of "Oh, hey Kazmir's fastball sat just below his usual velocity." It did. Here's the vertical look:


Now we reach the new chart I've added to the fray: pitch usage pie charts. Mmm...pie.


Kazmir's statistics from today: 3 line outs, 2 ground outs, 5 fly outs, 1 pop out, 5 strike outs, 1 walk, 6 swinging strikes, 93 pitches, 63% strikes.

Overall not a bad start.

Oh and apparently the Rays clinched a playoff spot?