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Lil Wayne Likes David Price

I don't really consider Lil Wayne a real rapper but that's not really the point of this post:

Do you have any friends in Major League Baseball?
I haven't met anyone yet. I'd like to meet Delmon Young or Prince Fielder. Those are my two favorite players. I love Delmon 'cause he's an energetic young guy, an ambitious player. And Prince, s--t, with his size and what he can accomplish, man I think the sky's the limit for him. My other favorite player is this kid Price on the Rays—David Price. He's something, man. I'm excited to see him pitch. If he was gonna use a song of mine I'd say it should be "I'm Me." I like that song. That's a confident song. That s--t is motivational. That's where he should go with his music. Either that or the song Charlie Sheen used in that movie, "Wild Thing."

This is pretty hilarious, considering the Rays are supposed to have no superstars, and yet a rapper who has no real ties to the area knows about David Price.

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