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Recap: That Sucked

A gas leak can only hide for so long and tonight the Rays' version blew up. No, not Edwin Jackson, but Eric Hinske in left field. Two instances come to mind; the ball he dove on and missed, then fumbled upon reaching it and the one he played off of the wall despite B.J. Upton being in a better position to A) field it and B) throw it. I'm not going to say that he cost us the game, because overall this was a putrid effort.

Edwin only drew two swinging strikes tonight, a slider against Alex Rodriguez early on and a fastball on Derek Jeter. Edwin threw 46 strikes tonight out of 70 pitches, and 52 of those were fastballs. The rest were mainly sliders with a few changes mixed in.  He only walked one and struck two out. It's hard to pin the hits on him, and really I thought it was one of his better starts, but alas the results weren't pretty tonight, even if the processes weren't awful.

On the somewhat bright side we saw the first instant replay review in the history of the league. It didn't go our way yet that's still history and history is something we should cherish, I think.