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So we officially have the 28th pick in the draft.

Let's compare and contrast the last ten years of #28, shall we?

2008 - Garrit Cole - Selected By The Yankees.

Didn't sign, is headed to UCLA, Toolsy HS arm, but that doesn't matter now. Compared to Kyle Farnsworth apparently.

2007 - Ben Revere - Selected By The Twins

A pick that was mocked when it was made, Revere was seleted out of Lexington Catholis HS, Revere has Scary Speed, but 0 power potential even though he swings a decent stick. After tearing apart R ball, he tore up A this year with a line of .379/.425/.497 with 44 SB.

2006 - Daniel Bard - Selected By Red Sox

College starter who got shelled as a starter, but may carve out a decent MLB career as a reliever. This year he had dominated A+, with a 1.74 FIP and a K/9 of 13.82, but then sort of fell down to earth when he moved back to AA, a FIP of 3.74, 11.60 K/9, but a BB/9 of 4.71(!), with a BABIP primed to regress, does not bode well. He is also compared to Kyle Farnsworth.

2005 - Colby Rasmus - Selected By The Cardinals

He's like, 20 years old and in AAA. His stock may have dropped a fair amount with his shoddy performance in AAA this year, but he's definitely still Top 100.  Hit .251/.347/.396 in AAA.

2004 - Blake DeWitt - Selected By The Dodgers

Rated as the best pure High School hitter before the draft, He's your typical .280/.345/.450 Infielder, even though he did pretty well in the minors. Showed very good plate discipline in his major league ABs this year, and should prove to be a good player for the Dodgers.

2003 - Daric Barton - Drafted By The Cardinals

Originally drafted as a catcher, he was (hilariously) traded alongside of Kiko Calero and Dan Haren for Mark Mulder. after dominating the minors, he was given his first full big league taste this year.  Results? Unlucky, hitting .226/.327/.348, but he was robbed of ~15 hits.

2002 - John Mayberry - Drafted By The Mariners

M's didn't sign him(LOL), drafted again out of Stanford later by the rangers, currently 5th in their system, put up an OP of .790 this year. LOL Mariners.

2001 - Justin Pope - Drafted By The Cardinals

Was good for a year or two, then imploded. Currently a AA/AAA Reliever that just bounced from the Yankees to the Phillies. Had a FIP of 6.37 in 24 AAA innings this year.

2000- David Parrish - Drafted By The Yankees

Was promising until blowing up in 2003, currently in the Pirates System at 28. No Major League future.

1999 - Gerik Baxter - Drafted by The Padres

Had a promising career as the #5 prospect in the padres organization, until he was tragically killed in an automobile crash.