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Rays Set Playoff Rotation; No Edwin

Per the Heater Edwin Jackson will not be on the post-season roster. That means the Rays rotation will be Shields-Kazmir-Garza-Sonnanstine in the post-season which is absolutely how it should be. Interestingly this leaves Jackson, Jeff Niemann, Mitch Talbot, and Juan Salas off and I would assume Jason Hammel is also out. That cuts the potential pitchers down to the four starters, Price, Wheeler, Balfour, Howell, Bradford, and potentially Percival or Miller, that's if the Rays go with 10 pitchers.

That would leave the team with 15 position players:

Navarro, Hernandez (Jaso?), Pena, Iwamura, Bartlett, Longoria, Crawford, Upton, Gross, Floyd; that's 10, I would have to believe at least one of Aybar and Zobrist get spots, and there's that cluster of Hinske, Baldelli, and Perez that gets sticky.

So far the Rays have made one borderline roster decision and nailed it. I hope this continues.