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Recap: Odd Start for Kazmir

This is going to be a bit unorganized but I have a few points to through out on Kazmir.

Six Innings

When you consider he had a 20+ pitch first and he ended his night five innings later with 98 total. After back-to-back sub-five inning starts to begin August Kazmir has went 5, 6, 6, 5.1, and now 6 in his last five starts.

Five walks/57% strikes

Kazmir's control was iffy tonight, look at the throw to Nady early on for proof. I'm not too happy about either measure, but with one hit countering the excess amount of free passes he didn't get burned. Which brings up...

One hit/11 strikes swinging


Six groundballs/Five flyballs

Encouraging, although I would love to see just a few more of those flyballs turn into groundballs.

Seven strikeouts


80% Fastballs

Dioner Navarro lied when he said Kazmir used all of his pitches. What he meant to say was Kaz used all one pitch. It worked tonight, but I still would like to see him mix his change and slider back into rotation more.