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DRB: Weekly Recap

Monday 1/5

Burrell Wrap--Full recap of the Pat Burrell signing.

Tuesday 1/6

Projecting the Pitchers--rglass44 predicts the Rays will get  21 WAR total from the staff.

Payroll Update--Quick look at the 2009 payroll.

Burrell in 2010--R.J. breaks down the top Burrell Comparisons and warns us most of them broke down at age 33.

Wednesday 1/7

Best Individual Moments Pt. 1--Erik takes a look at the top individual moments for each postion player.

Sonnanstine is Slicker than Your Average--A look at how Andy Sonnanstine compares to  Carlos Zambrano, Mark Buehrle, Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Farewell Rocco--One last look back at Rocco Baldelli, who signed with the Red Sox.

Thursday 1/8 

Sonnanstine vs. Radke At Age 25--I found a pretty amazing comparision between the two "finese righties."

A Few Words on Gabe Kapler--With the Rays interested in his services, a quick look at the last three Kapler seasons.

Friday 1/9

The Rays Discover Walks--Walks are almost as good as hits and the Rays have found that out in the Friedman Era.

Best Individual Moments Pt. 2--It's time to break down the top indivual moments for the pitching staff.

MLB Releases Report on 2008 Drug Testing--19 cases resulting in discipline and 114 exemptions granted including 106 for ADD.

Rays Claim Dewon Day--The Rays claim the RHP off waivers from the Boston Red Sox.