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That Eric Hinske?

Take a look at this list of Rays in order of UZR/150(min. 250 innings at one position). Now, see if a name appears that you wouldn't expect. If that name appears twice and ahead of B.J. Upton, Carlos Pena, Jason Bartlett and Aki Iwamura, then you're thinking along with me.

Name Pos G GS UZR/150
Crawford LF 108 103 28.6
Longoria 3B 119 118 17.7
Gross RF 120 75 15.4
Aybar 3B 41 40 13
Hinske RF 49 47 11.6
Hinske LF 40 37 9.9
Upton CF 143 141 5
Pena 1B 132 131 4.5
Bartlett SS 125 122 2
Iwamura 2B 152 151 0.6
Zobrist SS 35 33 -15

According to UZR/150, Eric Hinske wasn't a bad fielder at all and not nearly as bad as we all made him out to be. Of course he only had 600 innings in the outfield this season, but in those 600 innings he was better than Denard Span, Justin Upton, Matt Kemp and Jay Bruce. How? I do not know.

Hinske hasn't attracted much interest on the open market, except for a possible interest by a Japanese team, but for a team looking for a platoon outfielder or a power bat off the bench, they could do a lot worse that Hinske(I'm looking at you Dayton Moore). If he doesn't end up with a Major League deal or something overseas, I wouldn't mind bringing him back and stashing him away in Durham on a split contract.