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So Before Anyone Mentions Michael Young

Young, 32, told on Sunday night that he has asked for a trade and given the Rangers a small list of teams for which he would waive his no-trade clause.

There's almost certainly not a player living off of the past as much as Young (okay, maybe this guy). It's not enough that Young is a terrible fielder but also that his bat is in a steady decline. That just so happens to be the one thing that made him somewhat valuable. Here's a look at his WARs since 2005:

2005 30.3 -27.1 3.4
2006 10.1 -3.7 3.6
2007 7 -10.1 2.6
2008 -9.7 -3.9 1.7

That's not a good trend to have. Further, his contract is awful -- through 2013 with 16 annually. So yeah, he won a Gold Glove, and he's probably an All-Star until the Rangers (or whomever) take him out back, but he's not worth the time.

Edit: also see Tommy's comment, apparently something's up.