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The Rays and the World Baseball Classic

The WBC is starting soon, with Team USA reporting March 2nd in Clearwater.  The only Rays currently on WBC rosters are Carlos Pena(Dominican Republic) and Aki Iwamura(Japan).

I don't want any pitchers to participate, especially no starters.  However, I would like to see more position players go, specifically Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria.  Tommy and I were talking, and those two make the most sense.  Mark DeRosa is on the roster but Team USA needs a better reserve outfielder.  With Benedict A-Rod defecting to the Dominican Team, David Wright looks to be the only 3B on the roster(Chipper Jones seems to be the DH at this point).    If those two were to play it would not only give them a head start on the season, it would give players such as Willy Aybar and Matt Joyce more playing time in spring training. It would seem to be a win/win for both sides. 

What do you all think?  Would it be a good idea for Team USA and the Rays?