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Todd Greene Officially Hired

"If it wasn't with Joe and coming to a quality organization like Tampa has become, I probably wouldn't have left the Padres," Greene said. "But I thought this was a good opportunity for me to work with Joe, who I have a lot of admiration for from our years at Anaheim. And then to see what they've been able to do on the field and throughout the whole organization is pretty impressive.

Basically, along with his semi-scout-duties, Greene is going to act like a veteran catcher. Think of him as a Mike DiFelice/Joe Maddon hybrid. He's not quite playing and not quite coaching. How exactly does that help the Rays? Well I'm not really sure, but I'd have him caddy with John Jaso all spring until he got the footwork aspects of catching down pat.

Oh, and the real reason for posting this, an obscure statistic:

Greene also holds the distinction as the record holder for the most career home runs by a player with more home runs than walks (71 home runs, 67 walks). Bill Schroeder previously held the record (61 homers, 58 free passes).

See, be glad he's not a player.