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Community Projection: Position Player PT

OK we are going to start the PT projections with the position players. This is how you should format your posts:

Title:PT projection


C: Player A (%)

Player B (%)

Player C (%), etc.

1B: Player A (%)

Player B (%)


2B: same

3B: same

SS: same

RF: same

CF: same

LF: same

DH: same


Please do all positions in the manner outlined because it makes it easier to compile. Also, if you want to discuss someone's merely reply and don't put the title above. This could be a fun start to this exercise, and we'll get to the pitcher's later in the week.


I only have like 7 so far, so everyone please do this. Tomorrow we'll start working on the SP Projections, but I'd like to have at least 10 peoples' feelings on the matter.