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O's Extend Markakis; Quick Upton Comparison

Baltimore Sun

The Orioles have finalized a six-year, $66 million contract extension with outfielder Nick Markakis, according to baseball sources. Markakis will be in Baltimore later this week to take a routine physical and to sign the contract.

Good for Markakis, but now Andrew Friedman has a parameter for a B.J. Upton contract. At this point, Markakis has better career numbers so I'd start the talks at 6/54 and work my way up to 6/60.

If you compare Upton's healthy season of 2007 with Markakis's 2008, the numbers are very similar.


2007 BA OPS wOBA
Upton 0.300 0.894 0.387
2008 BA OPS wOBA
Markakis 0.306 0.897 0.389